Potica is the queen of Slovenian culinary heritage and pride of Slovenian households. They say that to be considered the real Slovenian, you have to climb mount Triglav and (if you are a woman) bake potica at least once in your life. The ceremonial preparations for the baking and the careful selection of ingredients of our grandmothers for this bready roll over the centuries formed the myth that baking potica is very difficult, almost like climbing a mountain. But is it really? Now you have a chance for a very unique learning and discovery with a charming local lady. She’ll equip you with potica preparation in a traditional way and reveal the secrets of successful baking.

PRICE: 79,99 €

per person

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Price includes: hands-on workshop on preparing traditional potica from scratch, potica (to take home), debunking myths on potica making hardships, potica recipe, English explanation

Duration: 2,5 - 3 hours

Time: weekday afternoons / evenings after 5pm, weekends anytime, all classes by appointment. Closed for December 25th and January 1st. For bigger groups or private tours we start by demand.

Min./max. Participants: 1 - 8

Meeting point: agreed upon booking

At this workshop, we use wheat flour, eggs, nuts and dairy products that could cause potential allergic reactions. Potica without these ingredients is not traditional, therefore we unfortunately cannot modify the workshop to suit guests allergies towards mentioned ingredients.

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